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Although from totally different backgrounds, they both endured immense struggles and multiple failures, and yet it's my contention that like Alexander, Augustus Caesar and Elizabeth, their ability to lead came from within and was a natural, personal attribute.
But Gemtel executive officer, identified as Augustus Caesar Mulenga had disputed the claim saying his company was paying UTL 50,000 dollars, an approximate amount of 89.5million shillings for connection fees.
He had two sisters, Julia major and Julia minor; the latter became the grandmother of Octavius (later named Augustus Caesar), Caesar's successor.
Queen Cleopatra wooed the Roman general Marc Antony before they both committed suicide after their defeat by Augustus Caesar.
They go on to present accounts of the ways people defied these norms and narratives, and they explain how the Bush-Cheney administration in the US set back democracy--just as the reactionary Augustus Caesar, the ruler of Rome, did in 18 and 2 BCE.
Due to a misreading of the dates for Augustus Caesar, Dionysius the Little miscalibrated 1 AD.
An estimated 20,000 Romans were lost in the battle, an act that shocked the people of Rome and their emperor, Augustus Caesar.
Consider this letter, written to the young Augustus Caesar, by Mark Antony, the famous (or infamous) lover of Cleopatra.
1601), Shakespeare's younger contemporary Ben Jonson imagines the mature Octavian, Augustus Caesar, in conversation with poets, with Vergil, Horace, Ovid, Tibullus, and Gallus.
The "A"s in his "Index of Names" are: Aristotle, Karen Armstrong, Louis Armstrong, Augustine of Hippo, and Augustus Caesar! In this respect, his book is an emblem of the kind of thinking that liberal learning can bring to the illumination of multifaceted investigations.
This is the story of Augustus Caesar, grandnephew of Julius Caesar.