Augustus Michel-Lévy

Michel-Lévy, Augustus


Born Aug. 7, 1844, in Paris; died there Sept. 24, 1911. French petrographer. Member of the French Academy of Sciences (1896).

Michel-Lévy was one of the first to use a polarizing micro-scope for the detailed study of rocks. Together with F. Fouque he compiled a summary of the optical properties of minerals and experimentally proved the possibility of the crystallization of rock-forming minerals from dry melt. Michel-Levy described the structures of several rocks and noted the ability of magma to assimilate various rocks.


Synthèse des minéraux et des roches. Paris, 1882. (With F. Fouque.)
Minéralogie micrographique: Roches éruptives francaises. Paris, 1879. (With F. Fouqué.)