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Two superfamilies were identified in the record for Auloporida Sokolov, 1947 order; Auloporicae Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1851 and Syringoporicae de Fromentel, 1861; twenty families were recognized, of which twelve have been recorded in the Carboniferous period: Auloporidae Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1851; Pyrgiidae, de Fromentel, 1861; Romingeriidae, Sokolov, 1950; Aulocystidae, Sokolov, 1950; Sinoporidae, Sokolov, 1955; ?Khmeriidae, Montanaro-Gallitelli, 1954; Syringoporidae, de Fromentel, 1861; Tetraporellidae, Sokolov, 1950; Multithecoporidae, Sokolov, 1950; Roemeriidae, Poeta, 1904; Thecostegitidae, de Fromentel, 1861 and Gorskyitidae Lin, 1963.
Due to the plastic morphology and growth habit of auloporidae, these morphotypes may be species or subspecies (ecophenotypes) or groups of species, and need to be analyzed deeper in the future.