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THE FRENCH Open has reached the semi-final stage and Auntie Beeb are in on the act, writes Steve Palmer.
A decent cup of tea, Inr-Bru and good old Auntie Beeb.
RE Russell Youll's column "The Way I See It" on December 22 about the Auntie Beeb.
Come on Auntie Beeb, it would only be fair in the interests of balance, surely?
While so many of you are getting your knickers in your twist debating the issue, I suspect Auntie Beeb is happy to keep the waters muddied, and secretly welcome all the controversy.
And despite licence annual increases paid by we mugs to feather the nests of these two and the other parasites that live off taxpayers' backs, our government institution Auntie Beeb still wallows in their overstated worth.
Thank goodness, then, that Auntie Beeb has realised that, and as a result is bringing back its much-loved literary adaptation in the 9pm slot.
David Hatch's diplomacy, wit and quick-step is illustrated by the following exchanges on I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again in 1965 when Auntie Beeb still wore a starched petticoat and the Home Service had yet to become Radio 4, Hatch: "What is that certain something that first attracts a boy to a girl?
You see, the major problem with Top Of The Pops was simple - since its latest revamp, Auntie Beeb had wasted a huge opportunity to reclaim some credibility for the ailing show.
A modern man bridging the generation gap for Auntie Beeb from Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson to the kids of today.
Seriously, you can well imagine this place becoming quite lively and the further opportunities to see The Archers being recorded and Midlands Today in action do suggest lots of people will come and feel closer to Auntie Beeb.
I AM devastated by Kieren Fallon refusing to kiss and make up with Auntie Beeb and saying he won't give her interviews for the forseeable future.