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In August 2013, I proceeded to Rome and met with President Richard Hodges, president of AUR and the rest of the administrative team and faculty.
Hodges was supported by board of trustees in his belief that pursuing distance education programs at AUR would be beneficial to the University for getting global exposure and enhancing present and future programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Among my other projects, Hodges suggested that I pursue the feasibility of developing and instituting blended online and distance education courses at AUR.
Between January and December of 2008, 226 patients who underwent transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) because of either AUR or lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) were included in the study.
AUR, moderate or severe LUTS (IPSS[+ or -]20) and low Qmax levels (<10 ml/s) were considered to be indications for prostatectomy.
AUR might determine that a service is not medically necessary and that therefore it should not be considered "eligible for payment.
These and other benefit-plan-dependent factors need to be taken into account in order to measure AUR program savings.
AUR Lesson #1: Claims Data Are Needed to Augment Review Data.
Given the need for linking data over weeks or months of service delivery, we decided that an AUR program needed to give review nurses and physicians access to relevant claims data, a database comprising tens of millions of records.
Messaging and vocabulary standards are essential to the successful transmission of AUR reports, as are the interoperability standards promoted by the Public Health Information Network (PHIN).
In August 2006, Northwestern Memorial Hospital began using TheraDoc technology to transmit the same AUR data to the CDC.
USSOCOM expects to purchase nearly 1,000 SGM AURs over the next 6 years.