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see Austro-Hungarian MonarchyAustro-Hungarian Monarchy
or Dual Monarchy,
the Hapsburg empire from 1867 until its fall in 1918. The Nature of Austria-Hungary

The reorganization of Austria and Hungary was made possible by the Ausgleich
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From the moment the Ausgleich was concluded, the chancellor and foreign minister of the Monarchy, Count Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust, had to cope with the interventions in foreign policy of the new Hungarian minister-president, Count Gyula Andrassy.
Many years ago my grandfather, an emigrant from Austria-Hungary, told me about the attempts of the Czechs to achieve equal rights within the empire through their own Ausgleich (Compromise), but were thwarted by the Magyars.
Knappe, Eckhard, 2007: Gesundheitsreformen im Konflikt zwischen nach-haltiger Finanzierung, Effizienz und sozialem Ausgleich. Arbeitspapier Nr.8/2007, Zentrum fur Sozialpolitik Bremen.
Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla is presented as a response to the Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich of 1867, expressing opposition to the movement for Hungarian independence.
Luick sought the reasons for the survival of voiced plosives in analogy ("die stimmlose Lenis war durch Ausgleich wieder beseitigt worden"; Luick 1940: [section] 713).
This story, published in 1896, could be read as a German interpretation of the Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich: a German officer seduces beautiful, proud, feminized Hungary.
The final group, this time of three, looks at the decisive role of Hungary after the 1840s and up to the Ausgleich. The final paper is a discussion on the meaning and validity of the term, 'Central Europe'.
A town with an undeniable German character in the early 1800s (symbolized by the presence and the political power of the Habsburgs), Budapest gradually evolved from a muddy, dusty, marshy, and provincial city into a burgeoning metropolis and, since the Ausgleich of 1867, a capital.
At this time the German publishing industry and press were expressing similar recommendations to the Baltic states: Der deutsch polnische Ausgleich, a pamphlet published in 1934 by E.
Einen gewissen Ausgleich schaffen Zitate von 151 kurzen, oft nur aus wenigen Worten bestehenden Textpassagen, die sich in alteren persischen Lexika finden und die H.
Das Votum ebnet den Weg fur das Handelsministerium, ab Juni vorlaufige Zolle zu erheben, zum Ausgleich des ,,Preisdumpings" durch die oben genannten sechs Lander.
True, Ferenc Deak, the great Hungarian liberal and architect of the 1867 Ausgleich with Austria, had begun to express concern about the growing number of Jewish immigrants from the East.