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(Decimus Magnus Ausonius) (ôsō`nēəs), c.310–c.395, Latin poet and man of letters, b. Bordeaux. He tutored Gratian, who, when he ascended the throne, made Ausonius prefect of Gaul, and finally consul (379). When Gratian died, Ausonius returned to Bordeaux. His work gives a detailed picture of contemporary people and places. Mosella, a description of his journey on the Moselle River, contains his best verse. Among his other works are Parentalia, verse sketches of dead relatives, and Ordo nobilium urbium, a description of 20 leading cities of the Roman world. Ausonius was nominally a Christian, although his works reveal many pagan beliefs.


See H. G. Evelyn-White's Loeb ed. (1968–85); R. P. H. Green, The Works Of Ausonius (1991).

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(46) A century and a half later, Ausonius offers a similar, though less damning, reading of Cicero and Caerellia's correspondence: in praeceptis Ciceronis exstare severitatem, in epistulis ad Caerelliam subesse petulantiam (In Cicero's teachings there was plenty of sternness, but there were notes of cheekiness in his letters to Caerellia, Cento, nupt.
The topics include the culture of word-games among the graffiti of Pompeii, riddling and ancient Greek divination, Nicander's Aesopic acrostic and its antidote, Greek acrostic verse inscriptions, and Ausonius' Griphus ternarii numeri.
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(4) 'Horace retained his standing as a school author throughout late antiquity, and it is not surprising to find him frequently evoked by the major Latin poets of the period, such as Claudian and Ausonius' (Tarrant 2007:281-282)
Civilized life, like the cultivation of Ausonius's magnificent Bordeaux vineyards, lies in doing well what has been clone before.
Ausonius, owned by S Ahmed Jaffar Salman, trained by Abdulla Kuwaiti and to be ridden by Ali Al Saffar, holds an edge over its nearest rivals Carnacki and Sizzling Fire in the race for imported horses to be run over 1,000 metres straight, starting at 2.25pm.
Parallels have been drawn to John Ausonius, nicknamed the Laserman, who killed an Iranian student and attempted to kill 10 other immigrants from August 1991 to January 1992 in the capital, Stockholm.
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I) or endo suam do in Ennius (via Ausonius Technop.
At Lingfield, there are plenty of horses I want to be against in the 4.45 - Global Conquest because he's been beaten at short prices the last four times in maiden company; Noble Dictator because he seems better at Kempton than Lingfield; Ausonius because that 'LM Cumani' by his name will take a lot off the price and he's shown little on the track.