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(Decimus Magnus Ausonius) (ôsō`nēəs), c.310–c.395, Latin poet and man of letters, b. Bordeaux. He tutored Gratian, who, when he ascended the throne, made Ausonius prefect of Gaul, and finally consul (379). When Gratian died, Ausonius returned to Bordeaux. His work gives a detailed picture of contemporary people and places. Mosella, a description of his journey on the Moselle River, contains his best verse. Among his other works are Parentalia, verse sketches of dead relatives, and Ordo nobilium urbium, a description of 20 leading cities of the Roman world. Ausonius was nominally a Christian, although his works reveal many pagan beliefs.


See H. G. Evelyn-White's Loeb ed. (1968–85); R. P. H. Green, The Works Of Ausonius (1991).

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Ausonius, 9 the friend of the Emperor Valentinian, and the latest poet of eminence in the Western Empire, has handed down some of these fables in verse, which Julianus Titianus, a contemporary writer of no great name, translated into prose.
Ausonius, owned by S Ahmed Jaffar Salman, trained by Abdulla Kuwaiti and to be ridden by Ali Al Saffar, and When Doves Cry, owned by Walla Fadhel Majeed, trained by Osama Tlashim and to be ridden by Zuhair Majeed, are in the best shape to win the remaining two support races for imported horses to be run over 1,800 metres, starting at 3.
58) Remarkable, though, is a passage from the Protrepticus ad nepotem, in which Ausonius addresses his grandson, speaking of his own experience with education.
The word has an august pedigree in poetry, being used by Lucretius (often), Virgil, Ovid and Ausonius.
In the 4th century AD, Ausonius, poet and professor in Burdigala, refers to relatives and friends with druidic connections.
If we take into account all five orations, his knowledge of Latin authors (aside from the patristic canon, which he also cites copiously) includes Horace; several works of Cicero; Valerius Flaccus (author of the Argonautica); Aulus Gellius (author of the Noctes Atticae); and the fourth-century poe t Ausonius.
Jockey Gary Hind steered Scrutable, owned by Fahad Ahmed Khalil Ali and trained by Talal Al Alawi, to an impressive one-and-three-fourth-length victory over Ausonius to claim the Shaikh Isa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa Cup for imported horses which carried a cash prize of BD3,000.
Auson[ius]" ("The dream of November 1619, and in it the seventh poem of Ausonius which begins: 'What path in life shall I follow?
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In How the Irish Saved Civilization Thomas Cahill uses the poet Ausonius as a foil to show why gentrified Romans could not see that changes all around them would soon lead to their empire's collapse.
The Roman poet Ausonius formalized rules for composing a cento in the fourth century, establishing the genre as a form of poetry: lines lifted from Homer, Virgil, and the Bible and reworked as sacred Christian verse or as bawdy satire.
Ausonius, owned by S Ahmed Jaffar Salman, trained by Abdulla Kuwaiti and to be ridden by Ali Al Saffar, holds an edge over its nearest rivals Carnacki and Sizzling Fire in the race for imported horses to be run over 1,000 metres straight, starting at 2.