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Australian Ballet,

national ballet company of Australia, founded in Melbourne in 1962; its school was established in 1964. The company drew on the tradition established (1940) by Edouard Borovansky of the Ballets Russes (see Diaghilev, Sergei PavlovichDiaghilev, Sergei Pavlovich
, 1872–1929, Russian ballet impresario and art critic, grad. St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music, 1892. In 1898 he founded an influential journal, Mir Iskusstva [The World of Art].
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). The Australian Ballet is linked to Britain's Royal BalletRoyal Ballet,
the principal British ballet company, based at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London. It is noted for lavish dramatic productions, a superbly disciplined corps de ballet, and brilliant performances from its principals.
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 in style and repertoire largely through the efforts of its first director (1962–74), the dancer and choreographer Dame Peggy van Praagh (1910–90). Touring regularly throughout Australia as well as in Europe and North America, the group has a repertoire that ranges from classical to contemporary and also encourages the production of works by Australian choreographers. The troupe's best-known performance is probably the film version (1973) of Rudolf NureyevNureyev, Rudolf
, 1938–93, Russian ballet dancer, b. near Irkutsk, Siberian USSR (now Russia). Nureyev studied in Ufa and Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), and in 1958 he became a soloist with the Kirov Ballet. In 1961 he defected from the Soviet Union while on tour in Paris.
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's Don Quixote.
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At Annan only tomorrow there is the Australian Ballet company in the story of the Roman gladiator who led the slave rebellion against the Roman Empire.
Helen Magnet was performing at the Royal Court as part of the Australian Ballet Company but still found time to visit a reception at the Strand Hotel where His Lordship dished up a bowl of Scouse for her, watched by Miss Liverpool (Maureen Martin), right.
He performed with the Australian Ballet Company before the Royal Dutch Ballet moved in for his signature.
Eight male dancers (mean age 22.6 [+ or -] 6.1 years) and five ballerinas (mean age 26.8 [+ or -] 10.6 years) were recruited from the West Australian Ballet Company (males, n = 5; ballerinas, n = 3), the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (males, n = 2; ballerina, n = 1), and the Diana Waldron Ballet Academy (male, n = 1; ballerina, n = 1).
Murphy, a former member of the Australian Ballet Company and its first resident choreographer (in 1971), has been artistic director/choreographer of the Sydney Dance Company since accepting the position in 1976, at the age of 26.
The faces of her colleagues at the West Australian Ballet company, however, told her she'd better keep her mouth shut.
Still on at Annan is Judi Dench giving a sensitive performance as an ageing Soviet spy reviewing her life in Red Joan (12A) and next Wednesday there is the Australian ballet company in Spartacus, the story of the Roman gladiator who led the slaves rebellion against the Roman Empire.
Marc Brew has been working in the UK and internationally for the past 12 years as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, with the Australian Ballet Company, the State Theatre Ballet Company of South Africa, Infinity Dance Theatre in New York and for five years up until early 2008 with CandoCo Dance Company.

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