Australian football

Australian football:

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any of a number of games in which two opposing teams attempt to score points by moving an inflated oval or round ball past a goal line or into a goal. Differing greatly in their rules, these include soccer (association football) and rugby, in addition to the games
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SyDNEY (CyHAN)- The World Anti-doping Authority (WADA) has announced its appeal against the acquittal of 34 past and present Australian Football League (AFL) players will be heard on November 16.
With entire organizations like the Chinese Basketball Association and Australian Football League already relying on its tools to study and improve, the Sportstec team has set a high standard.
Hopefully I can continue it and put back into Australian football and make it the No 1 sport in Australia.
After meeting with some of the army's wounded, injured and ill members, the prince joined in a game of wheelchair Australian Football League with soldiers from the recovery centre and the 1st Brigade.
The agreement will see BT Sport raising the ESPN content it offers on its channels to 5,000 hours per year, along with the Verizon IndyCar Series, the Australian Football League, X Games, NCAA college football and basketball.
Tim Cahill, 35, has been synonymous with the Australian Football team for more than a decade.
During the past week, Australia and the Australian football talents remained the most discussed issue among all Saudis.
30am MELBOURNE CITY are set to become a force in Australian football following their takeover by Dubai's City Football Group, and their first match under a new name will see the A-League debut of David Villa, writes Sam Price.
If we can get that result, it will change the face of Australian football for a long time.
Football Federation Australia boss David Gallop said that on behalf of the Australian football community, they offer their deepest condolences to Tombides' family, teammates and friends during this extremely sad time, the report added.
THE Australian Football League ( AFL) may be unknown to Indian sports fans.
The former Norton & Stockton Ancients and Marton FC defender was chosen to play for the state following a successful introduction to Australian football playing for local sides Sorrento and Perth SC and entering The Skilleroos, Australian football's programme aimed at finding stars of the future.

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