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a breed of chicken raised for its meat and eggs, bred in Australia from Orpington stock in order to increase egg productivity and early maturity. Australorps are large fowl with wide, deep breasts and large, wide backs. The liveweight is 3.5–3.9 kg for roosters and 2.5–2.9 kg for hens. The annual yield is 150–180 eggs, and record yields of 250–300 eggs have been reported. The egg weighs 55–62 g and has a brown shell.

Australorps are bred primarily in Australia and the USA. The main breeding research in the USSR is being carried out at the Kurtna experimental station for chicken breeding at the Estonian National Experimental Institute for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science.


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The breeds with the highest overall scores (including temperament, maturity, cold and heat tolerance, egg production, egg size, meat utility and meat flavor) are Rhode Island Whites, Plymouth Rocks, Orpingtons, Australorps and New Hampshires--all dual-purpose, brown-egg-laying breeds.
Today, Australorps are still known for their great egg-laying abilities, often laying more than 200 eggs a year.
If your outdoor space is restricted, consider a big, calm, and mild-tempered breed that doesn't mind being cooped, such as the lovely soft-gold-colored Buff Orpington or Black Australorp.
Black Leghorn, Australorp, Polish, Hamburg, Faverolle, Welsummer, Campine, Sumatra, Ameraucauna.
com> Chickens: Ancona, Australorp, Barnevelder, Buttercup, Brabranter, Brahmas, Broilers, Buckeye, Campine, Catalana, Cochins, Commercial Egg Layers, Cornish, Crevecoeur, Chanteclers, Delaware, Dominique, Dorking, Easter Eggers, Faverolle, Fayoumi, Hamburg, Houdan, Holland, Java, JerseyGiant, Jungle Fowl, Lakenvelder, Langshan, Leghorn, Marans, Minorca, New Hampshire, Orloff, Orpington, Phoenix, Polish, Rhode Islands, Plymouth Rocks, Sicilian, Silkie, Spanish, Sultan, Sumatra, Sussex, Turken, Welsummer, Wyandottes, Bantams, much more
Black Leghorn, Australorp, Polish, Hamburg, Faverolie, Welsummer, Campine, Sumatra, Ameraucauna.
About the time of the move, one of the Black Australorps went broody.
The tests compared blood samples from Garfield's Javas with samples from Barred Rocks, Black Jersey Giants, Australorps, and birds from Duane Urch's parent flock of Javas.
After bringing home one-day-old chicks from a hatchery, we set up 20 Black Australorps and five Rhode Island Reds from our hen, in our kitchen.
She has a flock of about 30 Black Australorps and Buff Orpingtons.