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a nation, the basic population of Austria (ove 95 percent). According to 1966 estimates, about 7 million Austrians live in Austria, and more than 2 million live in Italy (South Tyrol), America (mainly in the USA), and other countries. The literary language is German, with distinctive local dialects, including Viennese. About 90 percent of religious Austrians are Catholics, and the rest are Protestants. The Austrian nation was formed from several Germanic tribes—Alamanni, Bavarians, and Suevi—who mixed with the Slavs and the earlier Romanized Celts, Raetians, and Illyrians. The culture of the Austrians was influenced by Austria’s historic ties with the countries of the Danube Basin and the Apennine Peninsula, as well as by Austria’s membership in Austro-Hungary, a multinational state dominated by the Austrians. About 70 percent of the Austrians live in cities, and the majority of them are engaged in various branches of industry. Most of the rural population is engaged in mountain animal husbandry and farming. The material culture (housing, food, and clothing) of the Austrians in the mountain regions has retained its specific historic features. The Austrians are noted for their diversified folk art, especially in music—songs and dances.


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Austrian President Heinz Fischer also defended the South Stream project, saying: "No one can explain to me - and I cannot explain to the Austrian people - why a pipeline which crosses EU and NATO countries cannot go 50 km into Austria".
There were no broadcasts specifically aimed at reaching the Austrian people.
Keuschnigg said Turkish-Austrian relations had not been so intense in the past, and there were 250,000-300,000 Turks in their country and 500,000 Austrian people were visiting Turkey and making cultural contribution.
He said: "I accept the democratically expressed will of the Austrian people.
It was nice being close to home, I had a lot of Austrian friends around me and it was nice to have Austrian food and see Austrian people.
We upset the German people who elected Hitler and upset the Austrian people who cheered his entry into Vienna and we upset a whole slew of Slavic nations - Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Hungarians and Romanians.
at brightly coloured Swiss and Austrian people travelling at 120km/hr with no brakes.
During 2001, for instance, the Austrian people gathered the constitutionally required number of signatures on a petition seeking to have their government reconsider EU membership.
How the Austrian people responded to these policies, and to the privations and upheavals of the Second World War, is the subject of Bukey's judicious, informative, and well-written book.
I was impressed by the kindness of the Austrian people when I was visiting there,'' Isomura told reporters.
And then Herr Haider, whose party got only 27 percent of the vote, will be able to claim that his foreign accusers had to yield to the will of the Austrian people.
The Austrian people would have been disappointed if Diana had cancelled," he said.

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