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1. the former standard monetary unit of Austria, divided into 100 groschen; replaced by the euro in 2002
2. an old German coin of low denomination



the monetary unit of Austria; equal to 100 groschen. Introduced in 1925 to replace the crown, the schilling was replaced by the reichsmark in 1938 but reintroduced in 1945. According to the rate of exchange set by the State Bank of the USSR in January 1978,100 schillings = 4.55 rubles.

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International currencies supported by the CyberSource solutions include the Austrian Schilling, Australian Dollar, Belgian Franc, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, German Mark, Danish Krone, Spanish Peseta, Euro, Finnish Markka, French Franc, British Pound, Greek Drachma, Hong Kong Dollar, Irish Punt, Indian Rupee, Italian Lira, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, Dutch Guilder, Norwegian Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Philippine Peso, Pakistan Rupee, Portuguese Escudo, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, Thai Baht, and U.
With Polonia's premium income of about Austrian schilling 1 billion ($68 million) in 1999, the UNIQA group will thereby double its share of revenue generated from outside Austria.
The RZB CreditWatch placement highlights the sizable exposure of the RZB group to Russia, which is reportedly about Austrian schilling (Asch) 4 billion ($330 million at ASch12.
It is the second-largest banking group in Austria in terms of total assets of Austrian schilling (Asch) 713.
Bank Austria, by far Vienna's largest contingent liability, is the largest banking group in Austria, with total consolidated assets (including the Creditanstalt Group that was acquired by Bank Austria in January 1997) of Austrian schilling (ASch) 1.
Gross margins were improved as a result of favorable exchange rates of the Japanese yen and the Austrian schilling, as well as the installation of automated equipment which enabled the Company to manufacture some products less expensively in-house rather than outsourcing them.
1 billion Austrian Schilling (approximately USD 250 million) and deliveries are due to start immediately.

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