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1. the former standard monetary unit of Austria, divided into 100 groschen; replaced by the euro in 2002
2. an old German coin of low denomination



the monetary unit of Austria; equal to 100 groschen. Introduced in 1925 to replace the crown, the schilling was replaced by the reichsmark in 1938 but reintroduced in 1945. According to the rate of exchange set by the State Bank of the USSR in January 1978,100 schillings = 4.55 rubles.

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In fact, the development of wages was such that the international cost competitiveness of manufacturing improved significantly, despite a substantial revaluation of the Austrian schilling.
com She stayed at the three star family-run Hotel Lebzelter, in Zell am See where a double room ranges from 460 - 585 Austrian schillings per person (tel: 00 43 654 20 060).
He is amused to learn that the cost of a similar dining experience in N ew York could run in excess of 3000 Austrian schillings ($200) per person.
Sandoz Austria borrowed 220 million Austrian Schillings from Sandoz Management Services in Brussels in 1995.
Although euro notes and coins won't be issued to replace Irish pounds, Portuguese escudos, Austrian schillings and the rest until 2002, the new currency will immediately come into use for noncash transactions ranging from government bond issues to credit card and check purchases.
The policeman gave him 1,000 Austrian schillings - about pounds 14 and the equivalent at the time of more than a week's wages.
In 1937, for the sum of 20 Austrian schillings, the couple acquired their first keyboard instrument, a 1790 fortepiano by Michael Rosenberger.
Construction on the present site began in 1964, though realization of the entire hospital complex took another 30 years to complete, and a staggering 45 billion Austrian schillings (US$3.
A senior official at Austria's Permanent Representation in Brussels told European Report that the Commission has still not made clear whether one specific subsidy - 240 million Austrian Schillings reserved for Austrian distributor Steweag - is being scrutinised as state aid (with the others), or as 'stranded costs' as defined under Article 24 of the 1996 EU Electricity Directive.

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