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In contrast, some innovations were introduced more rapidly as a result of historical shocks, for example Napoleon's codification of civil law, the "constitutionalisation" of Europe and fiscal centralisation after the Napoleonic Wars, as well as modernisation in Russia and Austro-Hungary due to fear of external threats.
Under this analysis, Austro-Hungary, Aol-Time-Warner and Hewlett-Packard are never counted as dvandvas in Bauer's (2008) sense.
The friendly match was due to be played in Belgrade on August 29th, at a very delicate political moment, when Serbia and Austro-Hungary were in the middle of a diplomatic confrontation because of the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
No doubt the harrowing experiences of the Great War were a catalytic element, but as the author himself points out, there were indeed workable models of ethno-national co-existence in Europe, from Switzerland and Belgium to the Danish minority in Schleswig and most of all, perhaps, Austro-Hungary with the multi-ethnic communities of Prague or Czernowitz.
The chapter on dialects is full of errors, for example: "The significant Yiddish-speaking populations of what are now Romania and Hungary shared a basic southeastern dialect with their fellow Austrians (or ex-Austrians) in Galicia, a province of Austro-Hungary that included large areas of present-day Poland (e.
Through a wide array of urban associations in a broad range of settings, including Austria, Bratislava, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austro-Hungary, England and the US, this volume demonstrates that an interlocking civil society does not automatically lead to a rise in democratic activity.
Warships of seven countries--Britain, France, Germany, Austro-Hungary, Italy, Russia, and the United States--did in fact anchor in the Mersin roadstead in April 1909 but refrained from landing men.
Fori's surname in Austro-Hungary had been Friedman but was changed by her father to Forbath (and the daughter soon nicknamed Fori).
France offered its support carefully and secretively in order not to irritate Austro-Hungary and to keep open the possibility that Austria might turn its back on Germany.
They never imagined that it would lead to the birth of a massive Bolshevik state while destroying the empires of tsarist Russia, Austro-Hungary, Germany, and Ottoman Turkey.
A sheet of newsprint slid toward me in jerks and feints--two steps forward, one step back--until finally I could read the headline: "Japan Declares War on Austro-Hungary.
It was played before an audience of thousands in a German PoW camp in mid-winter in Silesia, that little bit of central Europe that has been variously Germany,Czechoslovakia, Austro-Hungary or Poland according to the vagaries of history.