authentic modes

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authentic modes:

see modemode,
in music. 1 A grouping or arrangement of notes in a scale with respect to a most important note (in the pretonal modes of Western music, this note is called the final or finalis
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, in music.
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The felicitation by the Government of Haryana was to recognize the ease M-Pesa has brought to the life of beneficiaries proving to be a more convenient and authentic mode of transferring pension.
In terms of the book's relevance to psychotherapy, Elkholy discusses various other additional topics drawn from Being and Time, namely, listening; holding open the nothing of anxiety that both allows a space and the opportunity to gain one's authentic self; how a relation to the temporalisation of anxiety takes us towards such an authentic mode of Being; the move from an (inauthentic) 'They' to an (authentic) 'We' ; and how a common attunement with a community of others establishes the horizon for navigating the course of our own possibilities as history-making or 'historising' beings.
If this quote of Heine's betrays his residual nostalgia for a purportedly more immediate and authentic mode of life, his late polemic against Borne, as read by Phelan, revels in the absence of authenticity, in the freedom afforded by talent to subvert "the ethical universal of character" (169).
In Basic Principles Of Islamic Worldview, Qutb presents what he saw as the authentic mode of thought that is distinctive of Islam.
In other words, the popular culture that liturgical experts and other reformers have been "shoving down the throats" of faithful Catholics for several decades not only fails as an authentic mode of expression, but it openly opposes the Christian message.