Authorized Physician

Physician, Authorized


in the USSR, a doctor working in the system of the trade union councils and central committees of branch trade unions. The functions of an authorized physician include supervision of medical service to members of a particular trade union, of preventive health measures, and of the improvement of working conditions. An authorized physician has the right to visit enterprises and institutions under his auspices, to demand the elimination of problems that he finds, and to see whatever documents are necessary to perform medical services for citizens. The statute on authorized physicians was ratified by the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions on Dec. 3, 1957.

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Ensures Medicaid reimbursement to an authorized physician for telemedicine in a school-based setting and allows a health professional, such as a school nurse, to be present while the child receives telemedicine from a physician.
An authorized physician could open the document through any standard Internet browser.
With this model, patient information can be shared with authorized physicians over a simple Internet connection.
Making patient data accessible to authorized physicians, whether it is following a hurricane or as part of routine care, remains a challenge that must be addressed.
The Web site can be accessed from any location around the country by authorized physicians and pharmacists who are treating evacuees.
To ensure that only authorized physicians use the site, the AMA is authenticating the identity and qualifications of every physician before they can use the site.
location by authorized physicians and pharmacists who are treating evacuees.

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