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reconstruction in print or on film, of the lives of real men and women. Together with autobiography—an individual's interpretation of his own life—it shares a venerable tradition, meeting the demands of different audiences through the ages.
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a description of one’s own life; a literary genre similar to memoirs but differing from them in a greater emphasis on the author’s person and psychology.

Examples of autobiographies are Saint Augustine’s Confessions (397–398), P. Abélard’s Historia Calamitatum (1132–36), and B. Cellini’s The Life of Benvenuto (1558–66). The first Russian autobiography was The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum (1672–75). In modern literature J.-J. Rousseau and A. I. Herzen have created literary autobiographical confessions. Some works of L. N. Tolstoy, M. Gorky, K. G. Paustovskii, M. Proust, and other writers are autobiographical in character. The autobiographies of the revolutionary figures G. Garibaldi, P. A. Kropotkin, and A. Bebel have been translated into many languages.

The word “autobiography” may also refer to a brief chronological summary of the chief events of one’s life.

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an account of a person's life written or otherwise recorded by that person
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Bureau wrote an auto-biography on coming out as a two-spirited Aboriginal person as his contribution to the exhibit.
But having given up smoking after years of trying, he's in better shape than he has been for years and is as busy as ever, writing his auto-biography, running his farm, travelling through south-east Asia and preparing for his new show.
ISBN: 1-893732-60-6 / 129 pages hardback/$15.95 Thomas Merton--monk, poet, spiritual writer and social activist--is undoubtedly best known for his spiritual auto-biography, The Seven Storey Mountain, but is now revealed as a man whose spirituality is rooted in nature, an environmentalist ahead of his time.
This moving, gritty and often funny auto-biography sees him thrown headfirst into the vibrant cultural melting pot simmering in the famous street.
In 1976, she wrote her auto-biography with Dana Benenson entitled "Honey: The Life & Loves of Lenny's Shady Lady."
However, Owen has decided to write about the trauma in his auto-biography, In the Time of Nick.
The camp comic dropped into the city centre yesterday to sign copies of his bestselling auto-biography, So Me.
This is a combination of his auto-biography, which provides the context, and the lessons he learned in his 50 years as linguist, and language teacher.
Despite an unprecedented economic boom and countless media spectacles downloaded directly from the libido of Geraldo Rivera (best remembered in this context as the author of the 1991 kiss-and-tell auto-biography, Exposing Myself), the '90s somehow turned out to be every bit as unnamable as a Sam Beckett novel--and twice as difficult to figure out.
JOHN MCNEILL is the author of Homosexuality and the Church and the auto-biography, With Two Feet in Midair.
Hawthorne also launched his auto-biography at the Terra Nova Hotel.