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ShapeToDxf is a program which takes ESRI shape files and converts them into AutoCAD DXF files.
The raster to vector add-in and the ability to batch program and nest AutoCAD DXF files through the CAD to CAM 2.0 add-in, previously available as additional cost items, are now included in all levels of Alphacam.
Some software also accepts Excellon drill files, Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL) files, AutoCAD dxf files, and others.
In the design mode, AutoCad DXF and DWG-based floor plans are easily imported.
The programmers in the engineering department had been regenerating SolidWorks files in the AutoCAD DXF format.
The 3-D model data can be exported to AutoCAD DXF, 3-D Studio, VRML, and other 3-D formats.
The files created by FaastCAD are in the AutoCAD DXF format, supported by many CAD and graphics applications.
Many vendors of mining software provide the ability to output graphics files in the AutoCAD DXF format.
Geometry information may be imported from GDSII, AutoCAD DXF and BMP files.
ATP is currently available for contour, drill, and pocket 2D toolpaths and fully supports native Mastercam MC9 files and AutoCAD DXF or DWG files.
Models may be exported in a number of 3D file formats, including 3D Studio, AutoCAD DXF, IGES, stereo lithography, raw triangles, VRML, and Wavefront.
However, CDK can read AutoCAD DXF or 3D Studio .3DS files and build a 3-D interactive environment complete with audio components and speech-recognition-assisted input.