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Text that is used over and over with very little or no change. For example, boilerplate is essential in the legal profession as pre-written paragraphs are often combined to create agreements. It is also essential for canned responses in tech support and is a feature of many email programs. Also called "stationery" and "templates," email boilerplate enables a message with the same subject and body text to reply to different recipients. Unfortunately, the boilerplate feature is not always available, especially in Web-based email, requiring several extra steps to accomplish the task. See boilerplate code and email signature.

AUTO-TYPIST (1940s to 1970s)
Like a player piano, it read canned text as hole patterns on pre-punched rolls. As the roll unwound, the holes directed negative pressure through hoses connected to a tiny bellows on each key, snapping it down. (Image courtesy of TMC/Compco, Inc.)

Create the Boilerplate
Typing on this AUTO-TYPIST perforator recorded the text by punching holes in the rolls. (Image courtesy of TMC/Compco, Inc.)

"The Ultimate in Automatic Typing"
From the 1940s up until the mid-1970s, AUTO-TYPIST machines from the American Automatic Typewriter Company provided reliable document processing. (Image courtesy of TMC/Compco, Inc.)
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A template determines the basic structure for a document and contains settings such as AutoText entries, fonts, shortcut key assignments, macros, menus, page layout, special formatting, and styles.
Let's start with Word's AutoText. After creating the table, using Tools, Insert Table, load the stamp in AutoText by highlighting the stamp image, then either press Alt+F3 or click on Insert, AutoText, New, evoking the Create AutoText screen (see screenshot) and name the insert and click on OK.
When you select it, the header will be selected and you can enter text or autotext. Click Switch Between Header and Footer to do the same for the footer.
To get rid of it, you have to go into the Insert menu, select Autotext, then the AutoFormat As You Type format.
The Divine Comedy is text - macrotext, that is, and autotext all in one - in sharp contrast with Shakespeare's oeuvre, to which, passing over Dante's production, Harold Bloom accords a preeminently central position in the "Western Canon." With his dozens of plays, Shakespeare creates a macrotext of plurality - the macrotext of the theatrum mundi.