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Interface features the autobaud function, so these encoders can be directly connected to a CANopen network without the need to manually set transmission speeds
They also include full support for AutoBaud SDSL interoperability technology, which significantly enhances the connection set-up process between SDSL customer premises and central-office equipment operating at any one of the dozens of line rates that SDSL technology supports.
By adopting Conexant's ZipWire(TM) SDSL modem solutions, which include AutoBaud technology, Memotec offers customers greatly expanded interoperability with a wide range of central office systems, while also providing faster DSL connect times, quicker recovery from circuit changes and freedom from time-consuming pre-provisioning.
Efficient Networks (Nasdaq:EFNT) has announced that the next release of its SpeedStream(R) 5851 symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL) router and SpeedStream 7451 integrated access device (IAD) will support AutoBaud operation, a technology developed by Conexant Systems Inc.
Conexant Systems Inc has begun production of its new AutoBaud software and has added the technology to its entire line of ZipWire SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) modem devices.
NASDAQ:CNXT) AutoBaud technology has debuted in its entire line of ZipWire SDSL modem devices.
Our autobaud technology along with the simplified provisioning tools makes the device simple to install and easy to configure, regardless of the quality of the copper wire plant encountered.
Through the use of Conexant's ZipWire(TM) SDSL transceivers and AutoBaud technology in its SDSL equipment, Netopia will offer its business customers much faster connect times and quicker recovery from circuit changes.
In supporting Conexant's AutoBaud operation, we're able to continue to expand the interoperability of our SpeedStream product line with service providers.
ZipWire and AutoBaud are registered trademarks of Conexant Systems, Inc.
Nokia is pleased to offer the AutoBaud technology, which incorporates the Nokia and Conexant co-developed Pre-Activation protocol technology," said John Ferrari, senior director of marketing at Nokia Broadband Systems.
NASDAQ:CNXT) Tuesday announced that the company's AutoBaud technology is in production release and available across its entire line of ZipWire(TM) SDSL modem devices.