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the idealistic doctrine that strives to explain the evolution of organisms as resulting from the action of inherent factors alone. Elements of autogenesis were present in the theory of J. B. Lamarck. The idea of autogenesis was elaborated more consistently by the zoologists K. Baer, A. Kölliker, and L. S. Berg, the botanists K. Nägeli and S. I. Korzhinskii, the paleontologist E. Cope, and the ǵeneticists H. de Vries and Iu. A. Filipchenko. The conjectured inherent factor of development is sometimes called the “principle of perfection” (Nägeli) and sometimes the “force of growth,” or “bath-mism” (Cope). Autogenesis opposed the materialistic theory of evolution which is based on natural selection. C. Darwin, A. Weismann, K. A. Timiriazev, A. N. Severtsov, and other Darwinist biologists have made valid criticisms of autogenesis.


Istoriia evoliutsionnykh uchenii v biologii. Moscow-Leningrad, 1966.


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95), ancient Mesopotamians distinguished a Vorwelt in which autogenesis was the rule from a Jetztwelt in which, as we know, mankind reproduces by sexual generation.
The literary as well as historical trajectory of Cervantes's oeuvre is noteworthy, even spectacular, for the way it evidences a poetics built upon Chicana/Indigenous women's self-reliance or what I have called elsewhere, its autogenesis. (7) For her ongoing innovations in poetic forms, tone, and structure, and ever since the beginning of her illustrious career in letters, Cervantes has carefully constructed a body of poetry built out of personal symbols that refute oppression, for example, ubiquitous bird and feather imagery constitute a major feature of a poetics of self-reliance and autonomy referenced in the titular word "emplumada" which means indicates a noun phrase for being both female and feathered.
Indeed, the boy's fantasy of immortality--of an impossible autogenesis and self-possession--requires an attendant fantasy of immaculate conception, as well as a refusal to acknowledge his archaic symbiosis with and dependence on the mother.
The usual sources of fire have already been denied in line 26, while line 27 expresses the notion of autogenesis directly: "flames begotten of flame."
In its narrower scope, Rylander's untitled work is about the tenuous yet tenacious grip of the human on objects of industrial production (which so often in their sterile, debased form seem to descend upon the mass market out of an anonymous and impoverished autogenesis).
For it's true that Shaw attempted autogenesis long before Joyce did, leaving a record of that in his five early novels, which constitute a sort of "portrait of the artist as a young superman." Gibbs's point, however, is that the biographer misleads when he presents mythic reality as literal reality, especially if he bases psychological evaluations on a literal reading of the former.
She also touches upon Marguerite de Navarre's revisions of sixteenth-century French political theory in the Heptameron, suggesting that these phallocratic theories are already queer in their presentations of the metaphors of the family and reproduction, and that Marguerite further queers these metaphors by presenting a feminine alternative to male autogenesis.
The notions of autopoiesis and autogenesis are of particular interest in SVS.