Autogenous Training

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Autogenous Training


a psychotherapeutic method of treatment that combines elements of autosuggestion and autoregulation of the damaged functions of internal organs and motor functions (movements) with the psychological training of these functions. It was proposed by the German scientist J. Schultz (whose work was published in 1956) and received widespread attention in France and the USA as the “method of progressive relaxation.” In the USSR it was modified by M. S. Lebedinskii and others (1963).

The patient is taught by intensive concentration of his attention to induce a feeling of warmth in his organism, relaxation of the extremities, feelings of calm, confidence in the favorable course of the treatment, and so forth. This method is effective in combination with other methods of psychotherapy as well as by itself and in conjunction with drug treatment. It is used primarily in cases of neurosis, especially those arising from obtrusive phenomena and disruptions of sleep.


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