Automated Bakery

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Bakery, Automated


(also, automated bread-baking plant), an enterprise in which all the production processes for making bread are completely automated. Bread is produced in such bakeries on automatic transfer machines designed to produce specific kinds of baked goods.

Flour is transported to automated bakeries in the tanks of flour trucks; the yeast, salt, sugar, shortening, and other ingredients are delivered in specialized motor vehicles. The flour is stored in hoppers inside the bakery and transferred by pneumatic devices. The other ingredients are stored in liquid form in tanks and are transported through pipes. The flour is measured by continuous batchers, and the liquid ingredients by automatic metering devices. The dough is prepared by integrated machines that combine continuous kneading mechanisms and fermentation equipment. The dough is then divided into pieces and shaped on production lines that consist of dividing, rounding, and forming machines and conveyor installations for proofing the dough in pieces. The bread is baked in automated conveyor ovens.

The operating modes of the dough-making equipment, production lines, and ovens are monitored and regulated to suit the characteristics of the ingredients and any change in the enterprise’s operating conditions. The baked bread is transported to an automated storeroom that includes bread storage and dispatching facilities; there it is kept in containers until shipped to market.


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ABI Ltd., a global integrator for automated bakery equipment, originally designed the dough ball production line that produced dough out of a rounder, moved it to a robotic picking area, and then placed into bins, before being moved to a freezer.
The society also built 35 widows' houses, an automated bakery, 15 mosques, five Holy Qur'an memorization centers, and five water projects serving thousands of people in need, Al-Oun added.
Existing schools will also be provided with school furniture and scientific equipment and laboratories, while maintenance and repair works will be undertaken and a new automated bakery constructed.
In 2004, Brace's opened a second fully automated bakery at Pen-y-fan, Crumlin to support the growing production demands at Croespenmaen bakery.
Capable of sustaining speeds up to 260 feet per minute, the AquaGard modular plastic belt conveyor with stainless steel construction is ideal for automated bakery, snack food and confectionary applications.
The investment will include automated bakery production lines which will enable the firm to undertake larger volumes of production as well as specially commissioned orders.
Following the signing of a strategic alliance to produce certain bread mixes for Rank Hovis McDougal, Silvery Tweed of Berwick-upon-Tweed sought contractors and suppliers to provide a new Automated Bakery Mix Blending System.
To handle the demand, $4 million automated bakery was completed in Chicago in 1959 and in two years it was operating to capacity.
On Sunday, the minister also inaugurated a new automated bakery in Port Said.

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