automatic test equipment

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automatic test equipment

[¦ȯd·ə¦mad·ik ′test i‚kwip·mənt]
Test equipment that makes two or more tests in sequence without manual intervention; it usually stops when the first out-of-tolerance value is detected.
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(Automated Test Equipment) Machines that test electronic systems, primarily chips. See EDA.
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"The Marines needed automated test equipment to keep their aircraft and helicopters flying.
Services are offered by this company relating to the design, programming and maintenance of automated test equipment. Companies that can benefit from these services are said to include manufacturing and production businesses that require testing of their products.
Using Advantest's automated test equipment (ATE) platforms, the collaboration combines traditional analog part average testing (PAT) techniques with the industry leading small delay defect detection capabilities of the Cadence Encounter True-Time Test software to produce a new generation of single-pass test methodologies for zero-defect testing of digital parts.
serves the semiconductor industry by creating test software and hardware solutions for the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) market space.
All major segments of the capital equipment market are forecast to decline in 2005 except for the automated test equipment market, which is expected to grow 3%, followed by a 30% drop in 2006.
American sales of the automated test equipment are being managed directly by Provalis's own sales team which has established a number of preferred distributors and key accounts in the US and has helped achieve early take-up of the product.
It is used for test heads and probe cards used in automated test equipment front-of-system connections, and backplanes in high data rate applications as well as bench-top testing.
The new PCIDAQ 04 series is recommended for rugged applications such as automotive and cable testing, transient signal measurements, automated test equipment, laboratory automation, and biotechnology measurements.
Walters said a program is being planned to troubleshoot the radios using automated test equipment. "We now troubleshoot them manually using voltage meters and oscilloscopes," he said.
In addition, IMS is a provider of design-to-test productivity software, providing an integrated test development environment between electronic design automation (EDA) and automated test equipment (ATE) suppliers.

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