Automatic Forging and Stamping Machine

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Automatic Forging and Stamping Machine


a forging machine for stamping articles from wire, bar, and strip material. All movements of the machine’s actuating devices are performed with reciprocal concordance in an automatic cycle. The material or billets are also fed automatically, without the assistance of a worker.

A distinction is made among forging machines for cold closed-impression die forging (including cold upsetters), hot stamping (drop forging), trimming (trimming presses), and repeated upsetting; automatic thread-rolling machines; sheet-metal stamping machines; wire nail machines; spring-coiling machines (including machines for making spring washers); chain-making machines; universal bending machines; and various special and specialized automatic machines. Automatic forging machines are used for the manufacture of parts, semifinished products, or stamped billets in many standard sizes for fastening items; balls, rollers, races, and retainers for antifriction bearings; chain links; spherical, staged, and tubular pins and axles; screw caps for motor vehicles; bodies for spark plugs; valves; parts of instruments, electrical machines, and some defense-technology products; clock hands; and parts of accessories. Relatively simple products are stamped on single-position one-, two-, and three-impact machines; more complex parts and semifinished products are manufactured on two-position and multiposition machines and combines. Articles produced on automatic cold closed-impression die forging machines are of grades 2a, 3, and 3a of fit and grades 6 to 10 of surface finish. Larger articles are produced on hot stamping (drop forging) machines, but their grades of fit and surface finish are lower than those of cold-stamped products. The range of diameters of material worked on forging machines is 0.8–52.0 mm for cold forging and 16–90 mm for hot forging. The maximum rated force of forging and stamping machines ranges from 50 kilonewtons (kN), or 5 tons-force, for closed-impression die forging to 40,000 kN (4,000 tons-force) for sheet-metal stamping; output is 16–2,200 articles per minute.


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