Automatic Repeat Request

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automatic repeat request

[¦ȯd·ə¦mad·ik ri′pēt ri‚kwest]
(computer science)
A request from a receiving device to retransmit the most recent block of data. Abbreviated ARQ.

Automatic Repeat Request

(ARQ) A modem error control protocol in which the receiver asks the transmitter to resend corrupted data.
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The MD8430A is the first LTE Simulator on the market to offer these advanced CA capabilities, such as implementation of Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ), under high throughput conditions.
patent for its award-winning DOZER[TM] ARQ (Automatic Repeat reQuest) technology, which guarantees error-free real-time UDP video transmission over congested IP networks, including the Internet, and over long distances.
For reliable video quality over the public internet and across long distances, the iCandy encoder and decoder are equipped with DVEO's patented DOZER[TM] ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) technology for UDP packet recovery for IP transmission.

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