Automatic Synchronizing

Synchronizing, Automatic


in electrical engineering, an automatic process that accompanies the connection of such synchronous machines as generators, condensers, and motors to other machines or electric power systems. The synchronous machines are connected so as to work in phase (synchronously) with the other machines or systems.

A synchronous generator, normally rotating at a speed differing from the synchronous speed, is connected with the exciting current switched off. A synchronous motor or condenser is connected while operating in the mode of an asychronous motor. Here, owing to the asynchronous torque, the rotational speed of the machine being connected approaches the synchronous speed. At this point, the exciting current is automatically switched on and the machine is pulled into synchronism by the resulting synchronous torque.

Automatic synchronizing is an efficient method for increasing the reliability of electric power systems, particularly under emergency conditions.

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Zoho Business is currently only available online, but the company is working with Google Gears to make it available offline with automatic synchronizing. It is available free during beta, but pricing is still being worked out for the initial release later this year.
The integrated control system supports automatic synchronizing and paralleling.

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