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If we had to put landing systems in, in order to enable automatic landings, we would break the bank before we even started," Vos says.
Cardiff is supposed to be our national airport, yet it lacks basic necessities such as the automatic landing facilities found at English provincial airports like Bristol.
The IGNAT - similar to the company's Predator unmanned plane that has served over Afghanistan - made its first automatic landing on Sept.
This successful flight test of the automatic landing system keeps us on schedule for deliveries in early 2012.
The Airbus 330-200 switched on its automatic landing system to come through low clouds and mist on Emirates' inaugural flight into the Midlands.
But for its sheer capacity to put American laborers out of work, no technological innovation beats the Jatsystem Automatic Landing Pit Smoothing Machine,'' wrote Sack.
SNC also specializes in the design and production of defense electronics products in the fields of Instrumentation, Test and Training (ITT), Electronic Warfare (EW), Air Traffic Control and Automatic Landing Systems (ATCALS), Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Networking (C4N).
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company successfully performed wide range of tests to evaluate the SSJ100 aircraft characteristics in respect of automatic landing under CAT IIIa using all combinations of operating weights and centers-of-gravity, with simulation of crucial engine failure at different segments of descent path and at stiff wind.
The ground test of navigation aid devices of the automatic landing systems on the new runway was completed successfully.
At the final stage of a test flight to evaluate the Sukhoi Superjet 100's automatic landing system on Sunday, the aircraft "touched the runway with retracted landing gear," Sukhoi Civil Aircraft said in a statement.
During this seven-minute flight, the ducted fan-powered drone performed a preprogrammed course that included automatic (vertical) take-off, a ten-waypoint navigation course at multiple ground speeds, loitering and automatic landing.
The ground test of navigation aid devices of automatic landing system for aircraft on the new runway was successfully completed.

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