Automobile National Heritage Area

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Automobile National Heritage Area

Address:300 River Pl, Suite 1600
Detroit, MI 48207

Established: Authorized on November 6, 1998.
Location:Encompasses almost 10,000 square miles, portions of 13 counties, and nearly 260 municipalities and townships in central and southeastern Michigan.
Special Features:At the beginning of the 20th century, a small group of pioneer auto manufacturers assembled a few hundred "horseless carriages" in Michigan. By the time twenty years had passed, Michigan had more than 700 automotive-related companies on record, including 367 in Detroit alone. Southeast Michigan, which includes the "Motor Cities" of Detroit, Lansing and Flint, is the region that put the world on wheels. The heritage area consists of six significant corridors. This collection of auto-related museums, attractions, activities and events exists to preserve and interpret the story of the automobile.

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In 1998, the US Congress designated the Automobile National Heritage Area (ANHA) in recognition of the importance of Michigan's industrial, cultural, and natural heritage to the nation.
Alexander was recently enlisted by Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer to serve as a member of the Detroit 300 celebration committee and is on the board of directors of the Automobile National Heritage Area.
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village is, proud to play a pivotal leadership role in establishing the Automobile National Heritage Area," said Steven K.

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