Auxillary Workers

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Auxillary Workers


the workers of an enterprise who service the principal production and facilitate its efficient performance. Auxiliary workers include the workers of the subsidiary shops and services of an enterprise, as well as those engaged in subsidiary work in the main shops.

Several basic groups of auxiliary workers can be distinguished according to the jobs they do: equipment adjustment; quality control and product testing; repair and daily maintenance of equipment; repair and maintenance of the power plant; receiving, storage, and distribution of materials in warehouses and storerooms; loading-unloading and transport; cleaning; minor repairs and daily servicing of the buildings and structures; and instrument work. In many branches of the industry of the USSR, auxiliary workers constitute about half of the work force of an enterprise. With the development of technical progress, the increasing complexity of the equipment of main production, and the increasing level of mechanization and automization of production, the role of auxiliary workers in the assimilation of improved techniques and new production by the enterprise is enhanced substantially. In large enterprises, centralization and specialization of servicing are important preconditions for the successful performance of subsidiary work and the enchancement of its role. The number of auxiliary workers is calculated on the basis of time and service norms. Remuneration for auxiliary workers in normative operations is calculated on the basis of piece rates; for those in nonstandardized operations it is calculated according to the shift quota assignment on the basis of the hourly wage scale.


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