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see Pali canonPali canon
, sacred literature of Buddhism. The texts in the Pali canon are the earliest Buddhist sources, and for Theravada Buddhists, who claim to conserve the original teachings of the Buddha, they are still the most authoritative sacred texts.
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Budda ga nazo toku sanze no monogatari: Diviya avadana zenyaku [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [A Complete Japanese Translation of the Divyovadana].
A similar point is made by Chris Clark in his study of Avadana literature where he observes that venerating Buddha relics is as efficacious as venerating the Buddha himself (27).
El Mahavastu incorpora ademas numerosas jataka y avadana, historias en si mismas, como fragmentos pseudobiograficos de las vidas anteriores de Sakyamuni.
It is significant that the painters at Ajanta draw from both the Jatakas as well as Avadana literature and some of the Jatakas are painted more than once.
34) Besides we know a number of paintings where the written explanations below the scenes refer explicitly to the texts which they illustrate: the life of Milarepa by gTsang-smyon, of Padmasambhava according to the Padma thang-yig Steelbrag-ma, Avadana series according to the dPag-bsam 'khri-shing, etc.
17; Kalpna Upreti, 'Position of Women as Reflected in Avadana Sataka and its Ideological Ramifications in Sarvastivada and its Traditions, ed.
He primarily uses Buddhist avadana sources, notably the story of Purna who trades in sandalwood for the benefit of the Buddhist order.
This is of course a very common theme in the wider jataka and avadana genre to which this tale belongs.
35) This accords with the spirit of the Avadana stories painted on the walls of the main room of central-pillar caves.
800; it appears in the story of Manohara, sculpted in the Avadana series on Borobudur.
The story is the second avadana in the first chapter of the Avadanasataka collection, which contains predictions of becoming a samyaksam-buddha in the future after having performed acts of worship or service in relation to the present Buddha Sakyamuni.
The Stories of Muni and Yasomati: Change of Sex and the Mode of Transmission of Avadana Collections