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The portion of the total energy of a system that is available for conversion to useful work; in particular, the quantity of work that can be performed by a fluid relative to a reference condition, usually the surrounding ambient condition.



a term used in thermodynamics to designate the maximum work a system can perform on moving from a given state to equilibrium with its surroundings. The work done by a system in a particular thermodynamic process is maximal only if the process is an equilibrium process.

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Antibiotics were developed more than 50 years ago, and most types currently available work the same way as the early kind did.
He probes the influence of the entertainment and music industries on capitalism and quests for profit, and explores how economic issues pertain to the type of available work, cultural representations, music content, and what music gets played.
Work sharing involves available work being distributed as evenly as possible among all workers, or else reducing overall work time, when production slackens to prevent layoffs.
SIMI VALLEY - Every available work space at Simi Valley Florist was covered with buckets of flowers Friday as staff members worked frantically to prepare hundreds of arrangements to be delivered for Mother's Day.
Kylian is the last one who's still prepared to share and to invite other choreographers to work with his company, but the available work is getting scarcer and has to be shared around.
Hall said there are contingency plans in place and enough available work force and resources so that should there be a threat of high water over the entrance road, plans could be put in place to both dike the roadway and divert any extra water.
The updated Workload Optimizer now enables managers to optimize the workforce by more easily matching store workloads to available work capacity levels through enhanced change authority capabilities.
The Check Data Mining application's tracking functions allow supervisors to view the status of all available work, view and change block status and monitor operator sessions and activities, as well as to move items from one business date to another and verify and correct items as required.
For all of us interested in American music, this new publication is a welcome addition to the available works of this long-neglected composer who is beginning to get the honor and attention she deserves.