Avaz Otar-ogly

Avaz Otar-ogly


Born Aug. 15, 1884, in Khiva; died 1919, in Khiva. Uzbek poet and educator. Born into a barber’s family. Studied in the madrasa.

By age 18, Avaz was acknowledged as the national poet of Khorezm. In his poetry he denounced the backwardness of Khiva, castigating those who took bribes and judges and mullahs who could be bought. His poems include “To the Spiritual Leaders of Islam,” “To the Bureaucrats,” and “Militant Barbarians.” His poetry is diverse in form (rubai, ghazal, kyta, muhammas, and so on). Carrying on the traditions of classical Uzbek literature, the poet made use of images from folklore.


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In Russian translation:
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