Avduevskii, Vsevolod

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Avduevskii, Vsevolod Sergeevich


Born July 28, 1920, in Berezovka, Odessa Oblast. Soviet specialist in aeromechanics and the scientific and technical problems associated with spaceflight. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1972). Member of the CPSU since 1953.

After graduating from the S. Ordzhonikidze Moscow Institute of Aviation in 1944, Avduevskii became a staff member at the P. I. Baranov Central Institute of Aircraft Engine Construction. He subsequently was associated with other research institutes. He began teaching at the Moscow Institute of Aviation in 1955 and was named a professor in 1961.

Avduevskii’s works have dealt with the theory of heat transfer, the boundary layer, combustion, and the gas dynamics of jets and separated supersonic flows. He has also produced a series of papers on spacecraft-based investigation of the Venusian atmosphere.

In 1971, Avduevskii was awarded the Zhukovskii Medal for the Best Work on the Theory of Aviation. Avduevskii also received the Lenin Prize in 1970 and has been awarded three orders and various medals.


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