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Grass that grows to 4ft. Seeds used to make classic “oatmeal” breakfast porridge. Nourishes and restores the body from illness, nervous conditions, lowers blood sugar because of its fiber content. Strengthens blood vessels, due to silica content, preventing insulin damage. High in soluble fiber, so it lowers cholesterol. Good for reproductive organs. Vitamins A, B complex, C, E, G, K, calcium, chromium, cobalt, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, tin, and protease inhibitors. Antidepressant, nervine used for spasms, relaxing nerves, reducing inflammation, antioxidant, diuretic, endocrine glands, estrogen deficiency, strengthens bones and other tissues, stabilizes blood sugar levels, anti-viral, anti-tumor (protease inhibitors), antibacterial, lowers blood pressure, thyroid problems, drug withdrawal and hyperactivity, laxative, diuretic. Oatgrass feeds intestinal flora (probiotics). Good for skin problems. The seeds also contain a cancer fighting compound called, "b-sitosterol," a natural remedy to prevent tumor formation. Roasted oat grass seeds can be used as a coffee substitute with less caffeine. Oatmeal added to baths or made into poultices is a folk remedy for dry, itchy skin and eczema.
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A typical example, from advertising for an anti-impotency supplement: "The 38 men who completed the study experienced improved sex drive, firmer erections, speedier arousal, and greater pleasure during sex when taking avena sativa than when on placebo.
A traditional nerve tonic Avena sativa is recognised for its restorative action on the nervous system and mild sedative properties.
The active ingredient in Vigorex - which has versions for men and women is a substance extracted from oats, called avena sativa.
Phillips began their quest to physically identify the 21 pairs of chromosomes in domesticated oats, Avena sativa.
Vogel's Avena Sativa 12 drops twice daily before meals and Confidence Essence, eight drops twice daily after food.
Tormentilla herb helps to reduce the frequency and severity of loose motions and Avena sativa exerts a mild sedative and restorative effect on the nervous system.
Jonathan Magnus, 23, from Birmingham, smoked 20 a day for eight years and used herbal remedy Avena Sativa for his sixth quit attempt.
This is a mixture of avena sativa and Siberian ginseng, which has a balancing effect on female hormones and boosts energy.
Avena Sativa is a specially prepared and biologically standardized form of green oats.
Supported by our know-how and expertise in the field of tensor active ingredient, Silab researchers have turned their attention to new molecular structures--sugars--little used as tensor agents to date, to propose Avena Sativa Extract (ASE), a purified fraction of natural polyoses derived from oats.
Avena sativa would be beneficial in helping with the anxiety.