Avenel, Vicomte Georges d'

Avenel, Vicomte Georges d’


Born June 2, 1855; died Feb. 7, 1939. French historian.

Many of Avenel’s works, which contain much factual material, are devoted to French history under Richelieu, whom he depicts as the creator of a classless state. In his historical and economic works Avenel attempts to demonstrate that capitalism leads to an increase in the number of wealthy people and of their holdings—that is, to an increase in economic inequality. But at the same time, he contends that it is the small owners who will allegedly benefit economically more than the capitalists.


Richelieu et la monarchie absolue, vols. 1–4. Paris, 1884–90.
Histoire économique de la propriété, des salaires, des denrées et de tous les prix en général: Depuis l’an 1200 jusqu’en 1800, 2nd ed., vols. 1–7. Paris, 1913–26.
Découvertes d’histoire sociale. Paris, 1920.


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