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Stock market - Though considered as a high-risk investment, the PSE has recorded at least 10 to 15 percent average annual return in the last 15 years which is far better than the annual average for savings account of at least .
However, Emsi's calculations of expected earnings shows that they will earn 77.9 billion [pounds sterling] more as a result of their studies over their careers, a return of 3.80 [pounds sterling] for every 1 [pounds sterling] invested which equates to a 13.4% average annual return.
Melrose said the LTIP payment - which was approved back in 2012 - was linked to the creation of PS3.6bn in value for shareholders between 2012 and 2017, representing an average annual return of 22%.
For the period 1983-2016, "the average annual return on gross assets for the top 1 percent was 0.57 percentage points greater than that of the next 19 percent and 1.44 percentage points greater than that of the middle quintiles." This return differential, which contributes to greater wealth accumulation by those in higher wealth categories, is largely due to greater weight on owner-occupied housing in the asset holdings of the middle class, and a higher weight on corporate stocks--historically a high return asset class--in the portfolios of the wealthiest households.
The 2016 NACUBO-Commonfund study of 805 endowments showed that the 10-year average annual return fell to 5% from the previous year's 6.3%.
With an average annual return of 10.57 per cent, the investment objective is to provide capital growth in US dollar terms, but with a reduced level of volatility via strategic exposures to a wide range of other asset classes.
31, 2014, PERS's investments earned an average annual return of 9.82 percent, according to a report to the Legislature's Joint Ways and Means Committee.
Ackman's average annual return is still 12 percent, one of the best records in the business.
The average annual return per property for landlords across England and Wales was PS21,988 in January, estate agents Your Move and Reeds Rains said.
While a sufficient average annual return is important, the order of those returns may significantly impact results and ultimately an investor's ability to achieve his retirement goals."
The government manages the National Small Savings Fund, which offers an average annual return of 8.5 per cent on term deposits compared with near 7.5 per cent paid by commercial banks.
The note also said that "the GCC Smart Alpha index significantly outperforms the benchmark with an average annual return of almost 11 per cent, which corresponds to a high excess return equal to nine per cent when compared to the S&P GCC Composite price index.

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