Average per Capita Consumption

Consumption, Average per Capita


an index that reflects the level and dynamics of personal consumption. It is calculated by dividing the total quantity of material goods consumed (or their value) by the population. Indexes of per capita consumption of material goods in physical terms are widely used in statistics and planning. Generalizing indexes of per capita consumption are usually figured in monetary terms. Thus, the value of all material goods consumed by the population may be determined from data on the consumption fund in the national income. In the USSR the consumption fund was more than 1,000 rubles per capita in 1975.

Indexes of per capita consumption for services may be constructed in monetary terms. Thus, in 1975 the per capita consumption of paid services in the USSR was 94 rubles. (Paid services include housing and municipal and domestic services, as well as public transportation, communications, and entertainment.) The total volume of material goods and of all services consumed, both paid and free, can be calculated on a per capita basis.

In determining the dynamics of consumption, the cost indexes of per capita consumption must be figured in comparable fixed (constant) prices—that is, in terms of prices during a particular year. In Soviet statistics and planning, indexes of per capita consumption are also calculated for social sections (classes and social groups) and economic regions.

V. F. MAIER [20–1303–4; updated]

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The bulletin stated that the average per capita consumption of red meat decreased by 29.
Figure 1 shows the average per capita consumption of each building analyzing the general average from the buildings.
Summary: The volume of average per capita consumption has increased in Tunisia from 2,600 dinars in 2010 to 3,871 dinars in 2015, Minister of Development, Investment and International Co-operation, Fadhel Abdelkefi
The determined price cap will be valid until the end of 2017 and reviewed each year in light of the changes in average per capita consumption expenses.
The average per capita consumption of water and electricity in Qatar is one of the highest in the world and hence the country is determined to rationalise the use of its resources in a more effective and meaningful manner," he told a meeting held yesterday to mark the fourth anniversary celebrations of ongoing Tarsheed programme of the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa).
The average per capita consumption level is estimated to have declined from 1990 to 2001 but since then, annual per capita consumption rates have been steadily rising again, till 2014.
This is more than three times the world average per capita consumption.
This was 82% above the global average and three times higher than average per capita consumption in the European Union.
The average per capita consumption of wheat in the Kingdom reached about 241 grams per day, or about 88 kilograms per year.
The daily average per capita consumption of rice is also higher at 220g, which is equivalent to around three plates of rice per day.
Riyadh, Rabi'II 24, 1435, Feb 24, 2014, SPA -- The Kingdom's total annual consumption of water amounted to about 2,5 billion cubic meters in 2012, with an average per capita consumption of about 238 liters per day, compared to about 2,4 billion cubic meters in 2011, with an average per capita consumption of about 259 liters per day.
The booming food and beverage sector in the GCC region is expected to attract $106 billion of consumer spending in the next five years, reaching an average per capita consumption of 983kg annually, said Al Shariqi, citing official data.

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