Alexandru Averescu

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Averescu, Alexandru


Born Apr. 9, 1859; died Oct. 3, 1938. Rumanian military and political figure; became marshal in 1934.

Averescu served as minister of war during 1907–09. In 1907 he inflicted bloody reprisals against the insurgent peasants. From 1911 he was chief of the General Staff, and during World War I he commanded the field army. He became minister of internal affairs in 1919 and served as prime minister during 1920–21. Averescu’s government dealt cruelly with the participants of the general strike of October 1920, adopting a series of laws directed against the workers’ and peasants’ movement. In 1920, Averescu transformed the People’s League, which he had founded in 1918, to the People’s Party, whose program was close to that of the Liberal Party. Averescu was prime minister during 1926–27 and advocated an alliance with Germany and Fascist Italy.

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All the political forces: the liberals, the peasants, the supporters of Averescu, the iron-guardists, the moderates etc.
2) PhD candidate, "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics, 8-10 Averescu Avenue, 011455, Bucharest, Romania, monica.
On March 31, 1926 the Averescu government appointed Vasile Goldis as Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs.
Por ello, populistas y neopopulistas como el Mariscal Averescu en Rumania, Peron en Argentina, Poujade en Francia y Ross Perot en Estados Unidos, Silvio Berlusconi en Italia, Lula Da Silva en Brasil, asi como Hugo Chavez en Venezuela, entre muchos otros, son constancia palpable de ello y remarcan el papel fundamental que el populismo desempeno y el neopopulismo desempena en las crisis institucionales tras las oposiciones politicas sin brujula, con contenidos ideologicos desde el neoliberalismo en el proceso de globalidad.
It will go until January 1918, when the King called the General Alexandra Averescu to sign a separate peace.
In the same time, Romanian electors started to believe in the "man of the day", a category of political statesmen as Alexandru Averescu, Iuliu Maniu, Ion Mihalache which had a personality able to convince the people, after the end of the Bratianu dynasty.
However, this kind of organization had a short life, only sixteen months, because of some new decrees and laws adopted in April 1920 by the General Averescu and because of the constitutional revisions in 1923 and 1938.
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Florescu (21 februarie-26 noiembrie 1891) si generalul Alexandru Averescu, in primul sau guvern (29 ianuarie-4 martie 1918), acesta detinand insa, pe intreaga perioada, si interimatul ministerului de externe (27).
In plan intern, la sfarsitul lunii martie 1926 guvernul Bratianu demisioneaza si puterea este preluata de guvernul Averescu, cu Ion Mitilineu * la Externe (7).
Contract award notice: Servicii de verificare a proiectelor pentru obiectivul Reabilitare termica blocuri de locuinte Zona Averescu I.