Avery Island

Avery Island,

salt dome, 163 ft (50 m) high and 2 mi (3.2 km) in diameter, S La., in an area of sea marshes and swamps. A corporation controlled by the Avery and McIlhenny families owns the island. Hot peppers grown there are used to make Tabasco sauce. Salt has been extracted since prehistoric times; rock salt has been mined there since 1862. Edward Avery McIlhenny, author of Bird City, created Jungle Gardens, which contains many rare plants, trees, and flowers. The island also has a bird sanctuary.
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It contains just three ingredients TABASCO[R] peppers, Avery Island salt from Louisiana, and all-natural high grain vinegar.
Sometime in the 1800s the name was changed to Avery Island.
A sixth-generation member of the family to live on Avery Island and fourth-generation member to produce Tabasco([R]) brand Pepper Sauce, Mr.
This isn't just a collection of well-known and often-discussed landforms, but includes smaller locales often overlooked but equally important, geologically speaking, from the Reelfoot scarp in Tennessee to Louisiana's Avery Island, which features an 8.
Hot sauce enthusiasts will immediately recognize the pungent taste of red peppers, Avery Island salt and distilled vinegar, coupled with a subtle sweetness--but not too sweet--undertone from the jelly bean itself.
Tabasco, where the modernist Mexican poet Carlos Pellicer C[sz]mara was born, (the sauce however comes from Avery Island, Louisiana).
The family-owned brand is still produced in Avery Island, Louisiana, to the original three-ingredient recipe--tabasco peppers, low-sodium Avery Island salt and high-grain vinegar--and is then aged for three years in oak vats.
Rock and pop Neutral Milk Hotel - On Avery Island (Fire Records)
The archives were set up in 1993 to preserve documents and artifacts relating to Avery Island, La.
Tabasco Pepper Sauce is so popular in the States, they have dedicated their own theme park to it, or at least that what it feels like after a day touring the wonderful sights of Avery Island, Tabasco's home of origin.