Avgust Karlovich Tsivolko

Tsivol’ko, Avgust Karlovich


(also A. K. Tsivol’ka). Born 1810; died Mar. 16 (28), 1839. Russian sea explorer and navigator. During the years 1834–35, Tsivol’ko took part in P. K. Pakhtusov’s expedition to Novaia Zemlia. In 1837 he commanded the schooner Krotov on K. M. Ber’s expedition to Novaia Zemlia, during which he made a description of Matochkin Shar. In 1838 he was appointed head of an expedition that explored the northern and northeastern coasts of Novaia Zemlia. Tsivol’ko died of scurvy during this expedition.

A gulf in the Kara Sea was named after Tsivol’ko.