avian influenza

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avian influenza:

see influenzainfluenza
or flu,
acute, highly contagious disease caused by a RNA virus (family Orthomyxoviridae); formerly known as the grippe. There are three types of the virus, designated A, B, and C, but only types A and B cause more serious contagious infections.
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Effects of receptor binding specificity of avian influenza virus on the human innate immune response.
Swabs are taken from inside the mouths of birds, placed in tubes, and then tested for the presence of avian influenza virus.
Early alterations of the receptor-binding properties of H1, H2, and H3 avian influenza virus hemagglutinins after their introduction into mammals.
H5N1 is the code name for the avian influenza virus that is causing worldwide alarm.
This swab is then sent to a laboratory, where they will either look for avian influenza virus using a molecular test, or they will try to grow the virus.
On October 13, 2005, tests conducted by the World Organization for Animal Health confirmed the presence of hpH5N1 avian influenza virus in samples taken from domestic birds in Turkey and Romania (10, 11).
In the May 12 issue of Nature, World Health Organization (WHO) officials reported that monitoring the severity and nature of the H5N1 avian influenza virus outbreak in Asia has been difficult because affected countries are unable to collect or are reluctant to release virus samples from infected humans and animals.
Despite bird flu outbreaks in nine other Asian countries, Kao Phal, director of the ministry's veterinary department, told Kyodo News that the avian influenza virus has so far been detected at only one of 14 chicken farms in and around Phnom Penh.
Imports will be allowed, except those from Pennsylvania and Maine where the cases of a low-pathogenic avian influenza virus were detected, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry said.
We think this single mutation made the avian influenza virus grow better in mammalian species," Kawaoka says.
ATCC has patents pending for the isolated avian flu antibodies as well as for methods of using the antibodies to diagnose infections with avian influenza virus.
Necrotic lesions and avian influenza virus antigen staining were observed in multiple visceral organs, suggesting that the H5N8 virus causes a systemic infection.