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Aviation gasoline—a fuel used for piston engines. The fuel grade is indicated by two numbers. The first number gives the knock rating for weak-mixture conditions, and the second figure is for rich-mixture conditions. Presently, only two grades of fuel are generally available—100/130 and 115/145.
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Poe said modern jet engines use kerosene, which is not combustible or highly flammable like aviation gas.
(Compressor efficiencies were 90 percent--higher than any other non-aviation gas turbine at the time.) And following aviation gas turbine design, the FT50 was constructed in modular form, which enabled the engine to be easily dismantled in days rather than the standard several months, for say, combustor replacement.
late Saturday in far-flung Tubay town in Agusan del Norte province and used aviation gas stored in the compound to set a parked single-engine plane ablaze, police Inspector Napoleon Boiser said.
The company can store 80,000 gallons of jet fuel and 30,000 gallons of low-lead aviation gas.
The three DPPU projects will facilitate sales of aviation gas (Avtur) of Pertamina.
Rolls Royce's Energy Division converts aviation gas turbine engines into power-generation systems suitable for remote or off -shore uses or for peak power generation by replacing the combustor and other key parts.
Jet A1 aviation gas is CAAP's prescribed fuel for twin-engine planes.
The Great Green Fleet demonstration is a milestone in the Navy's testing and certification program of 50/50 blends of advanced biofuel and aviation gas in aircraft.
Opinion: California lawsuit against aviation gas is misguided David Hadley, head of the Beach Cities Republican Club in California, argues that a lawsuit seeking to block the sale of leaded aviation gas in the state goes too far.
Two clear jars with the light-blue-colored 100 low-lead aviation gas were on his desk waiting to be picked up.
"The air was heavy with diesel and brown aviation gas, but once we arrived at the camp, it was incredibly clean and crisp," Mr Al Busaidi told the GDN.
This problem is especially acute in the case of aviation gas turbine engines (AGTE) in which the majority [micro]more than 60%) of defects, detected in design, starting up and service, are determined by the insufficient strength of the sections and structural members, especially the working blades.

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