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After being discharged, Sheela told the police that they were sitting behind their house when three boys came and started a quarrel with Avinash. During the scuffle, they pulled out a pistol, fired a bullet at Avinash and fled.
Stressing that India will have to accept that Kashmir is a contested issue, which requires a negotiated solution, Avinash Paliwal said, '...there will be a need to include local Kashmiri voices from across the spectrum....
Like all other fans, Avinash and his family did expect Pakistan to be in the final.
There are moments between Tanya and Avinash where they talk about the divide between real photography versus the Instagram generation.
Avinash adds: "Manuella had lost a significant amount of vision which could have been prevented if she had seen a Uveitis doctor at the early stage of the disease.
has achieved tremendous success since Avinash joined the company five years ago.
Clad in plain clothes, a team of Patna police raided Avinash's office and apprehended him.
On the occasion, Farha Parveen, Avinash Sharma, Zahid Farooq, Mangla Sharma, Abida Ali and Nuzhat Shireen spoke on the child labor, minority community's issue, women, trade union, removing ban on student union and presented their suggestion.
Judging by the statement in Avinash Saxena's article, Marina West appears to be the exception which proves the rule!
India, June 6 -- WatchGuard Technologies has announced that Avinash Shrawan has been appointed Country Manager, India and SRC.
Summary: Dr Avinash Chander emphasised on the need to anticipate what disasters lie ahead because 'nature is not always predictable'.
Rhea Bhatia, Avinash Mukund and Subash Pillai cornered glory on the concluding day of the Junior Table Tennis Tournament, which was organised by the Indian Social Club Muscat (ISC).