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Keeping in mind the key aspect of overpowering aviophobia is breaking things into small pieces -- for instance, when clients are ready to fly, it can be helpful for them to focus only on the basic tasks: Checking in, finding their gate and getting through security.
This scenario luckily never happens often but it is what goes through the minds of many people who suffer from aviophobia - the fear of flying.
Because I travel a lot, I periodically encounter individuals who have "aviophobia"--a fear of flying.
Aviophobia. In Virtual reality therapy for anxiety disorders: Advances in evaluation and treatment.
But fear experts say aviophobia is frequently a fear of something more deep-rooted than flying.
Hypnotherapist James Angove, based in Cardiff, who treats people with aviophobia, said: 'I get them to remember a very positive state of mind, and I get them to remember a time they were scared of flying and then I squash the two together, and the stronger emotion is the one that goes.'