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, village, Portalegre dist., central Portugal, in Alto Alentejo. The Castilian order of the Knights of Calatrava assisted in driving the Moors from Portugal and in 1166 settled at Évora.
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, Portugal.
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dybowskii from both South and North Slope of Tianshan Mountain, and found that the genetic distance between them was even more than 10% based on Cyt b gene, exceeding the divergence level of species suggested by Avise (Meng et al., 2015).
Avise J.C., Arnold J., Ball R.M., Bermingham E., Lamb T., Neigel J.E., Reeb C.A.
10 June 2014 - US molecular diagnostics laboratory Exagen Diagnostics Inc said yesterday it has launched the Avise SLE Prognostic panel.
Des experts americains ont mis en avant, mercredi a Washington, les reformes substantielles engagees au Maroc sous le leadership avise de SM le Roi Mohammed VI conformement a une Vision Royale de developpement clairvoyante et perspicace.
Phylogeography is the analysis of the principles and processes that govern the geographic distribution of genealogical lineages (Avise et al., 1987; Avise, 2000).
Mitochondrial DNA has been widely used for studying population structure, phylogeography and phylogenetic relationships at various taxonomic levels (Avise, 2000).
Readers of this book would do well to keep such questions before them as they consider Avise's ideas, which vary from the profound to the pedestrian, depending on the target of analysis.
The MP tree was similar to nearly all published hypotheses of species relationships and recovered essentially all major species groups despite being constructed using only a single nuclear gene (Avise et al., 1977; Wainright and Lauder, 1992; Mabee, 1993; Near et al., 2004; Harris et al., 2005).
And so is the wine: a lovely floral 100% blanc de blanc chardonnay from the small family-owned Dubois vineyards around the champagne town of Avise.