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What does it mean when you dream about awakening?

A dream of waking up while still dreaming may indicate awakening to new states of consciousness in ideas and creativity.

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Rocco Veenboer, founder of the event, welcomed the deal, saying that SFX's global presence will allow Monumental to expand the Awakenings brand into the UK, Australia and beyond.
Results: The study revealed that awakenings increased with younger age.
The Canadian company plans to launch Silenor in the middle of 2013 for the treatment and symptomatic relief of insomnia characterised by frequent nocturnal awakening and/or early morning awakenings.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili in a meeting with Head of the Turkish-Palestinian Parliamentary Friendship Group Murat Yildirim stressed that the Islamic Awakening sweeping the Middle-East and North Africa has changed the balance of power in favor of the Muslim world.
Performing with Rambert Dance Company as part of the Awakenings Tour.
Teaching that awakening does not allow us to hide from our inner divisions and conflicts, he shows that its "fierce grace" moves us exactly toward that which is still asleep in us and, with compassion and love, demands that we deal with those areas of our lives that are causing our bondage.
As a recording, it is solid; as a document of the emotional complexities of women's lives, Awakening is astounding.
Both Abha Dawesar's Babyji and Jill Nelson's Sexual Healing tell compelling tales of sexual awakenings that simultaneously tackle complex issues like gender roles, female sexuality and Western colonial influences on notions of sexuality throughout the world.
So I'm writing about the kind of awakenings women go through--erotic awakenings and spiritual awakenings.
Specifically, hardly any scholars have mentioned even in passing, and none have ever analyzed in detail, the ways in which the Civil Rights Movement fit into a long tradition of religious revivals, going back to the First and Second Great Awakenings, a tradition that incidentally transcends the cultural boundaries of the black church.
Prince tied the revivals in North America to other awakenings in England, Scotland, and Wales, creating the image of a trans-Atlantic work of God, while Gillies placed the early 1740s within salvation history.