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The cylindrical particles will change the orientation angle under the two torques with which the particles would rotate around its axis of revolution aligned to the vorticity direction when the shear rate is low, while aligning on the flow-gradient plane beyond a critical shear rate value.
Its generatrix is g(v), and its axis of revolution is z-axis.
The reflection of f (x) need not be a function with respect to the axis of revolution; and the parametric curve C = (w(x), z(x)) need not be a function in the wz-coordinate system.
This problem can also occur when portions of f (x) are symmetric with respect to the axis of revolution. These issues become even more important when we deal with general parametric curves rather than functions since we must also deal with closed curves and loops.
The Revolved Protusion Class is associated with Angle, Axis of Revolution and Profile options.
The axis of revolution is parallel to the rolling axis of the tire.
The first was a force of 28 kilograms (62 pounds) applied to the tip of the handle and perpendicular to the axis of revolution. The second was a load of 68 kilograms (150 pounds) applied to one side of the handle and parallel to the axis of revolution and then applied to the other side of the handle.