Rome-Berlin Axis

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Rome-Berlin Axis


a military and political alliance between fascist Germany and Italy, formalized by the Berlin Agreement of Oct. 25, 1936.

The creation of the axis attested to the open preparation of the fascist states for the unleashing of World War II. The Anti-Comintern Pact signed by Germany and Japan on Nov. 25, 1936, was a continuation of the Rome-Berlin Axis; Italy joined on Nov. 6, 1937.


Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918–1945, series D, vol. 1. London, 1949.
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However, he led this country in 1940 and 1941 when we alone stood against the Axis powers and afterwards with the Allies until the eventual victory.
The Axis powers won control of the United States of America in World War II, and now, America exists only as a memory.
A number of church services and schoolparades took place on Saturday to mark the Greek resistance against the Axis powers during WWII when Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas rejected the ultimatum given by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini onOctober28, 1940, who had demanded the Axis Powers enter Greece to take up strategic positions.
The British began their offensive during the second Battle of El Alamein, aimed at preventing Axis powers from moving further into Egypt.
Akbar laid a wreath at the cemetery of the Indian soldiers who participated in the Alamein Battle, which took place in 1942, during World War II between the Allies and the Axis powers, when Egypt was still under British occupation.
He considers how the British tried to keep Spain out of the war and how British pressure led Franco to distance himself from the Axis powers and switch sides to the Allies.
A combination of historical mystery and counter-espionage thriller that begins with the world-wide struggle against the Axis powers of World War II and concludes with combating shadowy figures who are seeking to exploit the Mafia in America in pursuit of their nefarious goals.
When the Call Of Duty experts at charlieINTEL mentioned that SHG refused to talk about playable Axis powers during a recent stream, the developer responded by saying "our story follows the First Infantry Division and Allied effort.
At the southern end of the square, outside a Calvinist church, stares a bust of Admiral Miklos Horthy, the authoritarian regent under whose reign Hungary passed the first anti-Semitic law of 20th-century Europe in 1920, allied with the Axis powers, and deported some half-million Jews to Auschwitz in the largest and swiftest mass transfer of the Final Solution.
He was the scion of a dynasty that was reputed to descend from King Solomon, a pioneer of African unity and independence, a staunch confederate of the Allies in their fight against the fascist Axis powers in WWII and the messiah of the Jamaican Rastafarian movement.
And Japan had that same aspiration to conquer other countries so much so that the axis powers composed of Germany, Italy and Japan was created and the allied powers composed of UK, US, France, USSR and other countries like the Philippines was born.
As in the book, the series takes place in an alternate history in which the Axis powers won World War II; the Nazis and the Japanese occupy the East and West coasts of the United States, respectively.