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Ethiopia: see AksumAksum
or Axum
, town (1994 pop. 27,148), Tigray region, N Ethiopia. Aksum was the capital of an empire (c.1st–8th cent. A.D.) that controlled much of what is now N Ethiopia. In the 4th cent.
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In October 2003, Italy finally began fulfilling its long-held pledge by dismantling the obelisk in preparation for its transportation back to Axum.
The reaction of two newspapers was to call for a national referendum on whether or not the Axum obelisk should be given back.
Before the Axum stelae, as it is known, was returned to Ethiopia, Italy used to argue that they had naturalised the pillar after possessing it for more than 60 years and that it was fragile.
I adore the stone-hewn monasteries of Lalibela and the ancient obelisks of Axum and Gondar.
represented the landlord, Axum Properties LLC, in the lease of 1,600 square feet of retail space at 3313 Meeting Street Road, North Charleston,to Ma Gloria Trinidad Catering.
Donna Axum Whitworth's comic shift from lofty soprano to earthy chanteuse in a video from the 1964 talent competition in Atlantic City that helped her become Arkansas' first Miss America,
1046 BC-771 BC) Colombia Inca Empire (1438-1533) Spanish Colony (early sixteenth century (1525)--1810) Costa Rica Spanish Colony (early sixteenth century (1524)-1810) Croatia Ancient Rome (first century AD-476 AD) Duchy, Kingdom of Croatia (eighth century-925-1102, Frankish vassal) Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik, thirteenth-nineteenth century) Czech Republic Bohemia (Pfemyslids) (867-1306) Denmark The Vikings (eighth century-mid-eleventh century) Dominican Republic Spanish Colony (1492-1795) Ecuador Inca Empire (1438-1533), Incan Conquest of Ecuador, 1463-1500 Spanish colony (1534-1822) Egypt Ancient Egypt (3150 BC-525 BC) El Salvador Spanish Colony (1525-1821) Estonia Estonian tribes (eighth century-thirteenth century, before the Crusade) Ethiopia Kingdom of Axum (c.
has announced signing of its latest project in Africa, Yeha Hotel- A Sarovar Premiere Hotel, a luxury property in Axum, Ethiopia.
This long historical relationship dates back to the time when Meroe and Axum were great states.
His work experience includes software development at Axum Technologies; he is currently working for Partnership Opportunities for Women Empowerment Realization (POWER), a Non-governmental Organization, as a Communication/Information Technology Officer.