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(2) Ayse Mustafa Katipoglu also mentioned about Muhterem Hanim working as a teacher in Ayasofya Girls' School in Ali Nesim (1987, p.
Demokrat Parti'nin yasalastirdigi bu kanun degisikliginden kisa bir sure once Kibris'ta 12 Mayis 1950 tarihinde Seyh Nazim Adil Kibrisi tarafindan Lefkosa'daki Ayasofya Camii'nde okunan Arapca ezan uzun yillar Kibris Turk Basini'nin gundemini mesgul eden bir konu haline gelmistir.
The mosque was built on the site of the palace of the Byzantine emperors, in front of the basilica Ayasofya (at that time, the primary imperial mosque in Istanbul) and the hippodrome, a site of significant symbolic meaning as it dominated the city skyline from the south.
The oldest Arabic translation was identified by Ullmann himself in the Istanbul manuscript Ayasofya 3704--not the least of his original contributions in this study.
POPE /HAGIA SOPHIA: Within the scope of his Istanbul visit Pope Francis iis expected to visit the historic Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) Museum.
Merkel visited touristic attractions of Istanbul including Ayasofya Museum (Hagia Sophia) and Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque.
(22.) All of which are undated, two in the Haci Selim Aga Library (ms Hudayi 236 and ms Kemankes Emir Hoca 218) and two in the Suleymaniye (ms Ayasofya 1714 and ms Ayasofya [1714.sub.mukerrer]), on which, see Ritter, "Philologika IX," 43 (no.
Hagia Sophia, or Ayasofya, is a former Byzantine church and former Ottoman mosque in Istanbul.
Excluding possible unnoted emendations by Yarshater, a comparison of these variants with the manuscripts used by Michot suggests that the passage from the manuscripts of Lisun al-[arab.sup.[subset]] most closely resembles Michot's MSS Q (Cairo [Tal.sup.[subset]]at 197), N(uruosmaniye 4894), A(yasofya 4849), and S (Ayasofya 4853).